The project

Physiology and Nutrition in Sport Endur Science

By Xavi Sebastià Miguel

The project Endur Science arises as a result of an immense interest in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism. Once within that field, I became aware of the relevance and applicability that such knowledge has on Sport Nutrition when it comes to designing nutritional strategies to improve the athlete’s performance in different disciplines.

Being aware of the huge and fast scientific advancements within this field, it emerges the need to bring the latest scientific evidence closer to users. On that account, Endur Science intends to be an openrigorous, and interdisciplinary dissemination channel about Physiology and Nutrition for Sport Performance, targeting professionals in the field as well as athletes.

In order to achieve that, 4 pillars drive this project:

Physiology and Energy Metabolism make up the pillars on which Endur Science is based. It is crucial to know how the body works and adapts to different stimulus in order to make use of other applied sciences.

Sport Nutrition is becoming an indispensable tool for athletic success. The use of nutritional strategies is essential for optimizing performance as well as training strategies.

It is in endurance sport where physiology and metabolism can be brought to their limits. Therefore, it is also on these disciplines where nutrition has the greatest impact.

All the content is 100% science-basedScientific evidence is a prerequisite for anything that is posted in Endur Science.

Infography Physiology and Nutrition in Sport

In summary, this project aims to create a give-and-take communicative means between curious and inquisitive people eager to dig in and learn more about such fields, as well as to attempt to find answers and propose hypothesis to currently unexplained facts.

You will find clear and concise content supported by visual and schematic infographics (available to download) to make it simplier and more visual, thus enhancing its understanding as well as its appeal.

Infography Physiology and Nutrition in Sport

Welcome to Endur Science!

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