Regulation of fatty acid oxidation during exercise

Regulation of Fatty Acid Oxidation During Exercise

Understanding the physiological and metabolic mechanisms underlying the regulation of the different substrates that our body uses as fuel during exercise is something that sport training and nutrition experts should never forget about. In fact, it is a key aspect to know about that will enable us to take rigorous

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Determinants of substrate utilization

Determinants of Substrate Utilization

Many factors determine the substrate utilization by our body during exercise. It is of great importance to understand them when it comes to designing training and nutritional strategies to improve and enhance performance. Here we will talk about those factors that have the greatest influence on whether fat or carbohydrates

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Delayed-onset muscle soreness

Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Maybe yesterday you went out to run up and down that mountain you have always wanted to. Or you just had an excessively intense strength workout. Or you tried to beat your friends doing as many push-ups as you could. Whatever you did, today you can barely walk. Or raise

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The ultimate performance-limiting factor

The Ultimate Performance-Limiting Factor

Have you ever wondered what it is that doesn’t let you keep on exercising? Is it your muscles? Is it your thoughts? Your brain? What is the real performance-limiting factor that makes us stop exercising? Welcome back to Endur Science! I couldn’t wait any longer to talk about what is

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The 3 Basic Energy Systems of Human Body

The 3 Basic Energy Systems

Different exercise intensities have different energetic demands. Thus, our body smartly counts on different energy systems that supply the working muscles to continue exercising. Each of them has different characteristics and becomes the primary supplier during certain situations. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the well-known molecule, is utilized as the chemical energy

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The Body's Thermostat

The Body’s Thermostat

Mechanisms for sensing internal body temperature and keeping it within the normal range are indispensable for our survival. Thanks to the body’s thermostat, as a house thermostat does, we are able to maintain core temperature with the utmost precision. The body’s core temperature is maintained within the narrow range of

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